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Letters to Ed

Hi Ed,

I have been listening to you for a better part of 2 decades and have over time grown addicted to your news site, InsideAutomotive.

Your insights on Wheels, editorials and InsideAutomotive has done more to inform me and shift me politically then any person or event in my life. I feel I am a much better person and citizen. For that service I thank you.


I use the Backside of American History segments as assignments with my college students (Sociology and Criminal Justice) as critical thinking papers covering all aspects of who and what we are.
Many of the values you express on your program, fundamental fairness, equality, and respect for others are still necessary ideals for determining our future.


Columbia College Ft. Worth

By the way really like your program. I am 49 and always liked to listen to Paul Harvey. Your news stories, second hand news and history rank right there with him.

I wanted you to know that I find your web site and radio show news more in-depth, concise, accurate and useful than the minute-by-minute fire hose flow of idiocy that flows from the major and local news outlets.


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Goldman: Millennials Will Change Economy

Business Insider

What Conservatives Wants in 2016


Exxon Settles with New Jersey on Damage


8 Dead in Missouri Shooting Spree

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

Vanity Fair

Uber Stops Operations in Boise

USA Today

American Poll: China No Longer Enemy #1


TSA Warns on Catastrophic Aviation Threat

The Intercept

Timeline: Jihadi John's British Life

USA Today

Gestapo Tactics at Chicago Police's Black Site

British Guardian

IRS Watchdog Probing Lerner's Emails


Corporate Borrowing Goes to Shareholders Now

International Business Times

Net Neutrality Passed, but May Not Happen


Congress Bracing for DHS Shutdown

New York Times

General Motors Retrenches in Thailand Too


How the Rumors on Dez Bryant Started

Texas Monthly

More to Oil's Thursday Plunge Than Supplies


RadioShack to Auction Off Name


Deutsche CEO Faces Trial for False Testimony

Business Insider

Starbuck's Failed Music Revolution

The Atlantic

Police Nightmare for Collector Car Owner


NFL Return to LA is Now Imminent


TX: Support Builds to Use Car Tax for Roads

Dallas Morning News

Christie: I'm Committed to New Jersey

Philadelphia Inquirer

Ex-Police Chief: Ramsey Case Mishandled

USA Today

Is Capitalism Killing the Planet?

Der Spiegel

Illegals: Most in US Favor Path to Citizenship

Fiscal Times

Morgan Stanley Out $2.6bn for Mortgage Fraud

International Business Times

Pemex Fighting Back Against Drug Cartels

Houston Chronicle

Forget Obama Jindal, Where's Your Impact?

New Orleans Times Picayune

To Many Mother Teresa is Still No Saint

Washington Post

Mercedes Not Worried About an Apple Car


Paris Drones: Al Jazeera Journalists Arrested

NBC News

The Coming Financial Bubble: Worst One of All


ISIS: Fears Grow for Abducted Christians


Retailers Want Food Stamps Too


API: Oil Inventors Rose 8.9M Barrels


Cliff Richard Police Inquiry Expanded


The End of the Big Mac

The Atlantic

Congress Goes for DHS Stopgap Funding


Keith Hall to Head CBO


Gary Glitter Gets 16 Years for Pedophilia

Daily Mail

Ex-Mossad Chief Slams Bibi on Iran Handling

Seattle Post Intelligence

Aston Martin $2.3M Supercar Has a Catch


Jay Carney, Ex-White House Shill to Amazon


Lynch to Become US AG Despite HSBC Scandal

British Guardian

Democrats Bring Back Auto Safety Reform Bill

Detroit News

Video: Billy the Kid's Hideout Up for Sale

NBC News

Vitamin BS

The Atlantic

Love Affair with Smaller Homes Quickly Died

NBC News

Middle Class Economics: Tougher Than Others

New York Times

Promises Broken: When Did Obama Give Up?

Foreign Policy

MO: Gubernatorial Candidate Kills Himself

Daily Beast

ISIS Destroys 2nd Largest Museum in Iraq

Fiscal Times

Countdown to the Stock Market Crash of 2016


Gov. Walker to Deliver New Blow to Labor

New York Times (Th)

Venezuela's Slow Motion Coup

The Economist

Oil Supplies Jump, Distillates at Record Low


Durable Goods Orders Up 2.8%


Jihad John is London Born Mohammed Emwazi

NBC News

Christians Abducted by ISIS Rises to 220

Seattle Post Intelligencer

NYC: 3 Charged with Supporting ISIS

New York Times

Buffett: My Secret for Long Life? Eat Like a Kid


Brit Awards: Madonna Falls Off Stage


Royal Bank of Scotland Lost $5.4bn in 2014

International Business Times

Have ADHD and Have a Shorter Life

NBC News

DHS Report: America's Sovereign Extremists


Bank of America Predicting Tesla Collapse

Business Insider

Volvo Posts Record Sales on China


Honda's Bumpy Road to Recovery

Bloomberg (W)

Army: Regulations Make Officers Lie


American Exceptionalism is Now a Sick Joke


Car Owners Fed Up with Many Technologies


FactCheck: Talking Heads on Net Neutrality

Associated Press

Emma: No Taxes Until Bank Convictions

British Guardian

Regulator Warns on Armageddon Cyber Attack

USA Today

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