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Letters to Ed

We have been driving around New Zealand for the past month (3,115 miles) and have really appreciated getting the news from home and elsewhere on “Inside Automotive”.


I use the Backside of American History segments as assignments with my college students (Sociology and Criminal Justice) as critical thinking papers covering all aspects of who and what we are.
Many of the values you express on your program, fundamental fairness, equality, and respect for others are still necessary ideals for determining our future, keep up the good work.


Columbia College Ft. Worth


Beautifully written. Even my 92 year old mother thinks your columns are brilliant. The real tragedy is that you're not on the front page. You've explored some important issues over the years where economics, business, sociology and politics intersect.


By the way really like your program. I am 49 and always liked to listen to Paul Harvey. Your news stories, second hand news and history rank right there with him.

I read your website every morning like I used to read the daily paper but with a much broader scope.


I wanted you to know that I find your web site and radio show news more in-depth, concise, accurate and useful than the minute-by-minute fire hose flow of idiocy that flows from the major and local news outlets.


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Arctic Oil: Let's Not be Stupid

British Guardian

The New Rise in Leveraged Loans


Boeing to Give Calif. Workers $48M in Back Pay

USA Today

CIA Torture Architect Breaks Silence

British Guardian

GOP Might Pass Immigration Bill After All

The Wire

Mexico City Hit by 7.2 Earthquake

British Guardian

Fiat to Make Jeeps in China by Late 2015


Judge: American Can't End Retiree Benefits

Independent Mail

Suspended for Asking Miss American to Prom

International Business Times

US: Where Some Companies are Too Big to Jail


Automakers to Rush Out Pint-Sized SUVs

USA Today

Loch Ness Monster Seen on Apple iPhone Maps?

Daily Mail

US Could Face a Permanent Slump


Glenn Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Center

Houston Chronicle

Record Labels Sue Pandora Over Old Songs

New York Times

Father Leaves Baby in Car at Work

NBC Bay Area

GM's Car Sales Surge in Europe

Wall Street 24/7

TX: Abortion Drs Sue Over Revoked Privileges

Texas Tribune

When Earth's Magnetic Field Flips, or Quits

Business Insider

Here Comes the New Honda HR-V

Detroit News

Judge: Won't Order GM Cars to be Parked

Detroit News

New Jobless Claims Rise Slightly to 304,000

USA Today

2016: Rick Perry Still Mired in the Past

New York Times

Homeowners: Millions Still Underwater


It's the End of the World as We Know It

New York Times

US Financial Showdown with Russia Dangerous

British Telegraph

No One is Noticing the Falling Deficit


Poll: American Optimistic on Science

USA Today

Beige Book: Growth Across Most of US

Detroit News

US Highway Construction: Detour Ahead

Fiscal Times

Yahoo VP: 18 Months on Job, Fired, $58 Million

NBC News

Military Column Seized in Ukraine


What Popular Jobs Pay by State

Houston Chronicle

Boeing Moves 1,000 Engineers to California

News Tribune

Bloomberg to Spend $50M on Gun Control


US: Worst Cities for Seasonal Allergies

Business Insider

FCC to Auction Spectrum in Mid-2015


Japan Military Risks Angering China


Clinton's Conspiracy Commerce Memo


US Gulf Oil Inventories at Record High


Great Lakes Still Almost Half Frozen


Keystone XL Decision Delayed a Year

British Guardian

Captain, 2 Crew of Korean Ferry Arrested

Associated Press

Mercedes: Tesla Has Limited Potential

Business Insider

Justice Roberts and the Color of Money

The Atlantic (F)

20% of China's Farmland Polluted

The Wire

Recession is Not Over for the Poor

NBC News

Judge: CIA Must Turnover Black Site Data

Business Insider

Ford, IBM Face Suit Over Apartheid Abuses


New Zealand's Economic Bubble Will Burst


Obamacare: Now 8 Million Have Signed Up

British Guardian

Kansas City: Hwy. Shooter Suspect Arrested

Kansas City Star

The Original NSA Whistleblower


Infiniti Unveils New Q70, QX80

Detroit News (Th)

Mary Barra: GM's Fall Girl


Alfa Romeo Back in US with the 4C Sports Car

Business Insider

CBO: Obama Budget Cuts Deficits


Goldman Sachs Comes Roaring Back


Goldman Sachs Profits Fall 11%


Taking the Confederate Flag to School

NBC 4 New York

EU Car Sales Up, Price War Continues


BP, Coast Guard Disagree on Gulf Cleanup

The Wire

Lewis: Wall Street Has Gone Insane

British Guardian

Cost of Transporting Oil by Pipeline Up 60%

Financial Post

Judge Overturns N. Dakota Abortion Ban


CA: Voters Open to Adjusting Prop 13

Sacramento Bee

A Bullseye in the Sky Over Texas

The Atlantic (W)

Ford Wants an End to Currency Manipulation

Detroit News

Jeep Close to Deal with Guangzhou Auto

Detroit Free Press

Los Angeles When It Was Still a Village

Business Insider

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