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       Sunday                          December 4, 2016                        Afternoon Edition                    2,138,159  Unique Visitors                    522.29  Million Hits

     Oil Futures                                                    WTI   $52.20      Brent                                                                  $55.15

     Gasoline                                                                    $1.57

      Baltic Dry Shipping Index                           1,198.00
      Natural Gas                                                         $3.53

       Dollar Index                                                           100.42

      Consumer Confidence                                     107.1
Letters to Ed

Thanks for ALL the time and work you do to put news information together each day. Your news helps me to know what's really going on in our wonderful world.



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your news page. It contains a wide variety of stories that deal with important issues. Also, unlike many major news organizations, it provides an unfiltered and wide breadth of view points. It is the first thing I read in the morning and throughout the the day. Thanks for providing this unbiased and centered source for critical news of the day.

Best Regards,

Hi Edward,
As 2016 starts, I want to again thank you for your extremely valuable work sorting through all the fluff and posting so many vitally important articles each and every day. It’s the first thing I read every morning before opening up my NYTs or Washington Post or going to any other website.

C. W.


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.


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Trump's Tax Paradox: Coastal Elites Win


McCrory Concedes NC Governor's Race

The Atlantic

Trump Meets Al Gore

New York Times

Barclay's Exits Energy Trading


How the GOP Will Justify Trump's Corruption

New York

The Long Fall of Taiwan

The Atlantic

TX: Sheriff's Deputy Dies Driving into Sinkhole


ACA Was Profitable for Some Health Insurers

USA Today

Carrier Raises Prices After Trump Deal

Business Insider

When Fake News is Created by the Police

Vanity Fair

Remember Bush's Steel Tariff and Costs?

Wall Street Journal

Italy Prime Minister Resigns

British Independent

New Zealand Prime Minister Resigns


TX: Hundreds Released from Detention Center

Daily Beast

US Denies Key Permit for Dakota Pipeline

British Guardian

Trump's Cabinet Will Save Big with Tax Law


Judge: Michigan Recount Starts Today

Detroit News

Irrational Exuberance Now Cooked into System


Dylann Roof Wants His Attorneys Back


When a President Plotted to Kill a Reporter


Snowden: Petraeus Disclosed More Than Me

Yahoo News

Iran Vows Firm Response to Sanctions Renewal


Companies That Offshore Now Face Retribution

Washington Post

Trump, Cabinet Avoids Millions in Taxes

Washington Post

Sears: Dead Man Walking

Business Insider

Dylann Roof Has Secrets to Keep

USA Today

FactCheck: Trump and Carrier Deal

British Guardian

FCC: AT&T, Verizon Violating Net Neutrality

Slash Gear

Where Donald Trump Gets His News


TX: Bus Carrying Cheerleaders Hits Big Rig

ABC News

Texas AG Chief Loves Fake News

Texas Tribune

Texas Oil and Gas Output Continues to Fall

Oil Price

Why Blue States are the Real Tea Party Group

New York Times

Electric Cars Could Take Bite Out of OPEC


General Mattis: Iraq War Was a Mistake

Business Insider

Mistrial in Scott Walker Murder Trial

Associated Press

China Amplifies Warning on Taiwan

New York Times

Carrier: 500 Jobs Still Going to Mexico


Will Trump's Tariff End Ivanka's Business?

Business Insider

Painful Crazy Ants Are Taking Over Texas

Houston Chronicle

Queen Nefertari's Legs Discovered

Nature World

1 Idiot, 1 Fake News Story, Pizzaria Gunplay


Ben Carson Put Up for HUD


VW Execs Hiring US Criminal Defense Lawyers


Kerry: Not Too Late for Two State Solution

The Atlantic

US: Gov't Pensions Time Bomb Set to Explode

Business Insider

Oakland Fire Death Toll Climbs to 33

San Francisco Chronicle

Ryan: Kill Obamacare is Job One

The Hill

2050: Whites Become the Minority


90 Year Old Woman Foreclosed Over 27 Cents

Vanity Fair

American Already Cuts Back Flights to Cuba

Christian Science Monitor

Apple Confirms Working on Self Driving Car

British Guardian

Mike Pence's Power Play


Trump Pick Known for Punitive Medicaid Plan

British Guardian

The Rise and Fall of the Second Ku Klux Klan

The Atlantic

Gun Rights Activists Now Want Even More

Associated Press

Austria's Far Right Candidate Loses Election


The Case for the Cuba Embargo

The Atlantic (Su)

Tesla's Model 3 Kills the Company

Learn Bonds

Up to 40 Dead in Fire During Oakland Concert

Los Angeles Times

Fed Official Stands by Wall Street Reforms


Mexican Governor Calls for Texas Boycott

Houston Chronicle

Rural America Misses Out on American Dream


Uber Monitors Where You Go After Ride

Slash Gear

Brownback Joining Trump Could Fix Kansas

Kansas City Star

Not That Many Carrier Jobs Were Saved


Error Shows Gov't Demands for Private Info

Five Thirty Eight

Jill Stein Takes Recount to Federal Court

British Guardian

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