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        Tuesday                       October 25, 2016                        Afternoon Edition                    2,138,159  Unique Visitors                    522.29  Million Hits

     Oil Futures                                               WTI   $50.38      Brent                                                                  $51.64

     Gasoline                                                               $1.51

      Baltic Dry Shipping Index                              831.00
      Natural Gas                                                         $2.85

       Dollar Index                                                        98.74

      Consumer Confidence                                       98.6
Letters to Ed

Thanks for ALL the time and work you do to put news information together each day. Your news helps me to know what's really going on in our wonderful world.



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your news page. It contains a wide variety of stories that deal with important issues. Also, unlike many major news organizations, it provides an unfiltered and wide breadth of view points. It is the first thing I read in the morning and throughout the the day. Thanks for providing this unbiased and centered source for critical news of the day.

Best Regards,

Hi Edward,
As 2016 starts, I want to again thank you for your extremely valuable work sorting through all the fluff and posting so many vitally important articles each and every day. It’s the first thing I read every morning before opening up my NYTs or Washington Post or going to any other website.

C. W.


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.


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So Indiana Has Major Voter Registration Issues

Associated Press

Vet: We Haven't Faced Up to Iraq Mistakes

USA Today

Consumer Confidence Falls in October

USA Today

West Antarctica Destabilizing with Melting


The Science on Every Popular Diet

Business Insider

N. Carolina: Moderates Now Have Pitchforks


The Coming Anarchy

The Atlantic

Why We've Lost Faith in Government

The Conversation

Clarence Thomas: 25 Years Without Footprints

The New Yorker

A Splintered Middle East in Freefall

New York Times

Congress Enters Reenlistment Bonus Battle

Christian Science Monitor

How Racy Emails Brought Down PA. AG

Washington Post

World Bank: Oil to Cost $55 in 2017

Oil Price

PA: AG Sentenced to Jail For Grand Jury Leak

British Guardian

Harris County Breaks 1st Day Voting Record

Houston Chronicle

21 Maps, Charts on Where Americans Stand


Singer Bobby Vee Has Died at 73

Associated Press

Trump's Business Credit Score is Only 19

USA Today

The NFL is in Decline

Weekly Standard

Trump Destroys Brand, Investors Fear Worse

The Atlantic

China Buying Up Overseas Companies


Red Light Camera CEO Sentenced to Jail

Ars Technica

Feds Look at Costs of Wall Street Safety Rules


60's Civil Rights Hero Comes Out for Trump

Associated Press

Fox News Got a Clean and Brutal Hit on Clinton

Huffington Post

Donald Trump's Gettysburg Address

The Atlantic

UMaine Professor Dies in Antarctica

Associated Press

Turkey's New Maps: Ottoman Empire II?

Foreign Policy

CA: 13 Killed in Tour Bus Crash

British Guardian

Iraq Passes Prohibition Law

National Post

AZ: Trump's Border Wall a Waste of Money


Senate Claims They Will Examine AT&T Deal


Penetrating the Police Brotherhood


Actually, This Costume Is Kind of Funny

USA Today

Yes, American Democracy Could Break Down


About Those Rigged Texas Voting Machines

Fort Worth Star Telegram

One Stat: Why AT&T Merger Shouldn't Happen


Trump's Graying Army

The Atlantic

Judge Signs Volkswagen $14.7Bn Settlement

Detroit News

Protesters in Canada Rail Against Oil Pipeline

Oil Price

Syria & the Cycle of American Intervention

The Atlantic

The Cyberattack That Shocked the US Gov't


Truth Behind Voter Fraud in Indiana

USA Today

War Within a War Brewing in Iraq

Business Insider

The Strange, Paranoid World of Assange


US May Delay Bank's Fines Over Mortgages


Austin Police Chief Lashes Out at Bad Cops

City Lab

Gutting NAFTA Unlikely to Create US Jobs


Obamacare Rates to Rise 25% in 2017


Fogle's Ex-Wife Sues Subway: They Knew

Toronto Star

1912: First Article on Global Warming


What You Need to Know About Grackles

Houston Chronicle (M)

How Did Texas Get So Red?

Houston Public Media

TD Ameritrade to Buy Scottrade for $4Bn

USA Today

When Our Spyplanes Outran Missiles

The National Interest

AT&T Deal Could be Approved w/o FCC Review

Ars Technica

Detroit's Big Three Sending Mixed Signals

USA Today

OPEC Production Cut Deal on Shaky Grounds

Business Insider

Are Clinton's Emails Doctored?


Sheldon Adelson Has Had It With Trump?

Talking Points Memo

Because His Newspaper Just Endorsed Him


ITT's Dirty Truth Was Exposed 17 Years Ago

New York Times

Dying Inside US's Privately Run Prisons

Daily Beast

Musk Offers Details of Mars Colonization Plan

International Business Times

Tom Hayden: 60s Radical Dies at 76

British Guardian

Biggest Banks Closing Hundreds of Branches

Business Insider

Tesla Bans Drivers Using Cars for Uber, Lyft

Tech Times

How Close is Hillary in Texas?

British Guardian (Su)

Can the Filipinos Please Make Up Their Minds?

NBC News

Emmet Till Memorial Shot with Bullets

British Independent

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