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        Saturday                       October 22, 2016                        Morning Edition                    2,138,159  Unique Visitors                    522.29  Million Hits

     Oil Futures                                               WTI   $50.85      Brent                                                                  $51.78

     Gasoline                                                               $1.53

      Baltic Dry Shipping Index                              842.00
      Natural Gas                                                         $2.96

       Dollar Index                                                        98.69

      Consumer Confidence                                     104.1
Letters to Ed

Thanks for ALL the time and work you do to put news information together each day. Your news helps me to know what's really going on in our wonderful world.



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your news page. It contains a wide variety of stories that deal with important issues. Also, unlike many major news organizations, it provides an unfiltered and wide breadth of view points. It is the first thing I read in the morning and throughout the the day. Thanks for providing this unbiased and centered source for critical news of the day.

Best Regards,

Hi Edward,
As 2016 starts, I want to again thank you for your extremely valuable work sorting through all the fluff and posting so many vitally important articles each and every day. It’s the first thing I read every morning before opening up my NYTs or Washington Post or going to any other website.

C. W.


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.


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Pharmacists Blame PBMs for High Drug Prices

Business Insider

When America's Elections Were Rigged

Christian Science Monitor

Airbnb's Legal Challenges Get Real


When an Uber Driver Wants to Barter the Fare

National Post

SEC Files Amended Charges Against Texas AG

Texas Tribune

States With the Worst Roads

Wall Street 24/7

Fort Worth Star Telegram Endorses Clinton

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Last Ditch Effort to Save Canada-EU Trade Deal


Now Christie's Former Aide Turns Against Him

British Guardian

American Wages Just Hit All Time High


Trump's First Trip to DC Forty Years Ago

Washington Post

ISIS Launches Counter-Attack at Kirkuk


US Corporate Debt Is at Major Risk


Class 8 Big Rig Truck Sales Down 29%

Trailer and Body

Some States Moving to Curb Drug Prices

CBS News

US Mall Owners Set to Lose Billions


The Boomers Are Too Old for Sport Cars Now


MS: Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood


Is Saudi Arabia More Trouble Than It's Worth?

The National Interest

Customer Surveillance Leaking into Stores

The Atlantic

Obama on the ACA's Growing Pains

USA Today

IN: Group in Probe Registering Black Voters

Associated Press

Did Texas Parks Lie About Balmorhea Spring?

Eagle Ford Texas

Ginger and Mary Ann the Only Survivors

Seattle Post Intelligencer

BAT Offers to Buy Reynolds for $47 Billi0n

Associated Press

Tesla to Announce a Ride Service Program

International Business Times

Okinawa: Stumped by Ancient Coin Finds

Japan Times

Film a Pipeline Protest, May Get Prison Time

British Guardian

Arctic Cities Crumble with Climate Change


AZ: Most Support a Higher Minimum Wage

Arizona Republic

S. Africa to Quit International Criminal Court

Washington Post

State Releases More Clinton Emails

ABC News

Inside the Most Violent Prison in America

British Guardian

America's Most Dangerous Highways

City Lab

Trump Retaliated When Hayek Said No

San Jose Mercury News

Who Shut Down Our Internet on Friday?

NBC News

Arkansas Spells Trouble for Hillary

National Post

Half of Republicans Won't Accept Clinton Win

British Guardian

Americans Work 25% More Than Europeans


Duterte Backtracks on Separation from US


Audi to Buyback 25,000 Diesel Q7s


How the Great War Created Modern America

The National Interest

Feds to Sue Moody's Over Mortgage Ratings

USA Today (F)

London Airport Declared Safe After Incident


Major Cyber Attack Hits East Coast and Europe

British Guardian

Bombardier to Fire Another 7,500


UN: Aleppo Siege is a War Crime


Philippines Split with US? Not So Fast


What's the Law on Voter Intimidation?


The Tragic Fate of Our Afghan Interpreters


The Long Decline of the GOP Establishment

The New Yorker

Mexico's Cheap Doctors, Drugs, and Dentists

USA Today

Exxon Doesn't Expect Oil Support Crunch

Oil Price

Trump's War on GOP is Starting to Show

Fiscal Times

Trump Booed at Al Smith Charity Dinner

British Guardian

President Grant's Illegal War on Indians


Tesla's Autopilot: You Pay For but Can't Use

MIT Technology Review

US Confirms 11th Death from Takata Airbags

Detroit News

Wichita Falls Overrun by Rattlesnakes

Houston Chronicle

STD Rates Hit All Time Records in America

CNN (Th)

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