Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts The Toyota Witch Hunt
Health Care Crisis in America Part 1 Dragging Toyota Through the Media Muck
Health Care Crisis in America Part 2 Real Scandal Behind the Toyota Recall
Health Care Crisis in America Part 3 Media Owes Toyota an Apology
Health Care Crisis in America Part 4

There Is No Gas Shortage

Health Care Crisis in America Part 5 There Is No Gas Shortage Part 2
Health Care Crisis in America Epilogue Detroit: The Real Battle is Politics
End the Ethanol Insanity Gas Prices Are Not Tied to Oil Prices
How Wall St. Will Kill the Recovery Oil: The Return of Hype
A Brief History of Oil Profits What Happened to Customer Service?
How to Solve Our Energy Issues Fast 2009: Slow Auto Sales, Higher Prices
A Comeback for the UAW? Why Chrysler Failed
Oil Prices Are All Speculation Ethanol Lobby: Profits vs. Food
Detroit's Bailout: Who Needs the Money? The Auto Industry in 2012
Blame High Gas Prices on Greed When GM First Messed Up
GM's Been on the Brink Before GM: Still Making the Same Mistakes
Rick Wagoner Didn't Deserve This An Electric Car Might be Perfect
The Reason for High Oil Prices No One Knows Where Economy is Going
Real Reason Behind Oil's Dramatic Plunge The Great Ethanol Scam
A Dead Zone Was Already in the Gulf Detroit's Past is Not Its Future
The Last Great Automotive Race How GM Lost Its Status
Can America Survive Without Detroit? Detroit Ignores Its Dealers at Its Peril
The Boomers Stop Buying Can GM Learn From Its Past?
Detroit Needs to Give Credit Where Its Due Blame Washington for Fuel Prices
Detroit's Perception Problem  
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